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Big Kids Book

In THE BIG KIDS BOOK, Marion Richardson has compiled a portion of those pieces of scripture and art from the five of the books from 2014. Important doctrine and Biblical truths can be explored and further understood by reading and studying these passages. It is her desire that, by compiling these highly relevant scriptures, youth and adults too might benefit from these truths.  
Marion included space in this BIG KIDS BOOK for the reader to make personal notes on the pages. She encourages those using this as a journal to make entries regarding personal introspection. As a tool for guidance, these scriptures are valuable to memorize. This book would make a beneficial backpack, bedside, or table top resource, returned to for many years as a go to treasure of Biblical jewels. 
On the last pages are a variety of suggestions for journaling followed by two pages of “doodles” to stimulate your imagination by artist Kat Ford. Be creative and adventuresome in your use of the book. Join with friends and family to compare thoughts and notes. Most of all, may this experience bring you closer in your relationship with God the Father, His son Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Big Kids Book

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