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Little Jesus: the simple truth of His birth

So many stories have been written concerning the birth of Jesus that our understanding of what the Bible really reveals has become clouded. The  
characters involved in the Bethlehem story are in reality limited and precise. In order to present only accurate facts, the author read through the scriptures and identified those details of Christ’s birth. Some are prophecy. Some are accounts in the gospels. She has included scriptural passages to assist the reader as the story unfolds. 
The illustrations in the book are her personal interpretation of how the characters and setting might have looked. As with most of Marion’s art, it is simple and primitive in its form. She feels that this format encourages the reader to use their imagination in visualizing the scene. 
As you celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ, may this book stimulate discussion regarding the events which surrounded his birth. As you ponder the birth of Jesus, be mindful that he left heaven to come to earth. He left heaven on a path to the cross at Calvary. He left heaven because of his immense love for you and for me. He is Emmanuel, God with us!

Little Jesus

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