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Little Leviathan: a rhyming tale based on Job Chapter 41

In LITTLE LEVIATHAN, it the author's desire that this tale bring the reader a greater respect for the power and glory of God witnessed through His own words concerning His creation, to an understanding of His divine providence over His beloved, to a great faith in the victory Jesus Christ has won over any enemies and all fear, and that it would cause your heart to well up with praise for our most holy and benevolent God. She wrote this rhyming tale based on Chapter 41 of Job because it was intriguing to her that the Lord would elaborate so eloquently on one of His creatures. There is great diversity among Biblical scholars as to the identity of the leviathan. Some believe him to have been a crocodile or whale, others a dinosaur. Mrs. Richardson believes the literal context of Job 41 which she understands to be that leviathan was an extremely enormous sea creature whose identity and physique were familiar to the inhabitants of Israel in the time of the patriarchs. As stated by God, leviathan snorted and breathed fire, produced light, could not be trapped, had no fear, and played happily in the ancient waters. There is a discourse in the back of the book where Marion compares the leviathan in his earthly realm to the life of the Christian in the spiritual realm. Parents and teachers might find this to be a useful tool for discussion with children.

Little Leviathan

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