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The Hanukkah Box

The Hanukkah Box: with scripture from the Book of Maccabees

Children are sure to enjoy the story-in-a-story style of this informative lesson on Hanukkah. The tale was originally written by the author in A Hanukkah Story, an account of the revolt waged by the Maccabees against the evil King Antiochus Epiphanes. We encourage you to allow the young listeners and readers to interact, question, and make observations just as the group gathered around the green picnic table do. The events described here set the stage for the coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus, the Messiah, celebrated Hanukkah as well as the other Jewish feasts. He is The Light of the world. A light for revelation. This book includes historical and prophetic information, questions and answers for discussion, and scripture from both the King James Version of the Bible and the KJV Apocrypha. The content professes Christ as Saviour.​

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